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How do you feel about money?
How do you want to feel about money?

Change your money beliefs and inner stories to create a life of abundance, freedom, and self-expression.
The Money Clinic will unlock new attitudes about money, allowing you to leap forward to abundance and success.

The Money Clinic offered for the first time in English in Tokyo!
Join us on Saturday, March 30th and Sunday, March 31st in Ryogoku.

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What is The Money Clinic?

In the Money Clinic, you will use psychology, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), and self-reflection techniques to shift your mindset about wealth and success. By examining your conscious and subconscious ideas about money, you can decide which ones to keep and which to change. Workshop exercises will elevate your thinking and let you replace limiting beliefs to expand the abundance and flow of money into your life.

Reprogram your thoughts for prosperity.

Delve into your mind’s patterns to reshape your thoughts towards financial power and abundance. Rewrite them into empowering beliefs that propel you toward prosperity.
Rewrite your unproductive thoughts and beliefs to make success your new normal. The Money Clinic, CPI’s top-rated course, has empowered countless individuals by unlocking increased income, financial success, and self-realization.

Is The Money Clinic for you?

The Money Clinic isn’t about financial strategies – it’s a journey to cultivate powerful beliefs that attract money, financial power, and your desired state of being.

Register today if you want to:
Leap forward in financial success.
Develop a good relationship with money.
Improve your luck with money.
End scarcity in your life.
Explore your own mind

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This clinic is for anyone 18 or older who wants to shift their relationship with money and attract more financial abundance into their lives. This is open to all genders, singles, couples, family members, colleagues, or friends.

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What will happen in the clinic/what can I expect?

Uncover the depths of your beliefs and decode the hidden limiting beliefs behind the words and actions of people. This course doesn’t just change you; it equips you with knowledge and skills capable of revolutionizing your life and making a groundbreaking impact on the lives of others. Are you ready for a transformative journey? This will be an interactive, introspective, and fun workshop.

You will:
Delve into and understand your own beliefs.
Identify and release limiting beliefs that hold you back. 
Cultivate effective ways of thinking to attract wealth and success.
Gain insights into the language and actions driven by limiting beliefs.
Equip yourself with knowledge and skills to significantly impact your life and others.
Explore transformative potential of mindset.

Who are the facilitators?

Photos of the Money Clinic Facilitators

Kay Horii and Akane Horiguchi Shoun co-founded CPI Inc.,( formerly known as NLPIJ) in 1998. They were certified at the NLP Institute of California in 2002 and created the Money Clinic. Over the past 20+ years, they have led thousands of clients to the path to financial abundance. They offer workshops in Japanese several times a year in Tokyo and Hiroshima. This is the first time they are offering it in English. Christine Brown is an Intuition guide and coach. She offers intuitive readings and energy-clearing sessions.


Money Clinic testimonial from Mark Lowe, UC Davis lecturer.

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Satisfied Students

While working as a tax accountant, I fulfilled my long-held dream of writing a book. I published four books about my experiences and my mindset shift! My business attracted more clients, and now I see new possibilities. (MI, male, 50s)

After attending the Money Clinic, I began applying what I learned to my work. New job opportunities started coming my way. I’ve secured several business contracts worth tens of millions of yen. My business and social networks have expanded, and I`ve met interesting people. (ST, Female)

By changing my core limiting beliefs, I’m able to enjoy spending money. Before, I felt guilt or loss when spending money. Things I previously thought were too expensive didn’t even make it onto my ‘wish list.’ If I desired something expensive, I used to think it was a waste. Now, regardless of the price, I can enjoy envisioning what I want and steadily move towards that goal.” (DB, Female)

At the Money Clinic, I became aware of my past mindset. I used to be engrossed in work from morning to night, but after the course, I realized it’s okay to desire a higher income. Immediately, I started job hunting, and I found a great job before I knew it. When I informed my current company, they offered me a 1.5x increase in income. Without changing my job, I achieved the results I desired. (LU, Male)

I had read about The Law of Attraction, but don’t think I fully absorbed it. The instructors’ coaching and practicing with others felt very effective. It was a two-day journey of exploring abundance beyond the framework of money. (female, 40s)

My beliefs about money have completely changed. I thought I had no abilities when it came to money and had given up. My limiting beliefs have disappeared, and now I allow good things to flow! Thanks to Yukari san and Akane san, I discovered empowering beliefs I hadn’t considered! (male, 30s)

I could deeply explore my beliefs and transform them into empowering ones. I realized they were affecting all aspects of my life. By shifting this, I achieved significant changes. It was a two-day period where life became richer. (male, 40s)

I used to work for a company, but a week after attending the Money Clinic, an acquaintance asked if I wanted to work together. This led to starting a new business. My income has increased to 1.5 times what it was in my salaryman days, and I am amazed. (male, 50s)

I wanted to share my love of cooking with many people. Thanks to acquiring new beliefs at the Money Clinic, I opened a cooking class! It’s unbelievable that my dream has come true, something I couldn’t have imagined before. (female, 40s)

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Money Back Guarantee

We are sure you will get something out of this course and have fun doing it; we offer a 100% refund policy if you ask within 14 days of completing the course. To receive a full refund after taking the course, you must participate fully on Saturday and Sunday, share your stories, do the work, do the exercises, and participate in all the modules. If you are still not satisfied, you will receive a full refund. In the 20+ years that Yukari and Akane have offered this course, no one has ever requested a refund. And Christine has been offering her Intuitive sessions for ten years. She has never had a client request a refund. Often, clients pay her more than her set fees.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that life happens. If you cancel before 13:00 on Thursday, March 28, you will receive a 100% refund.


Date Saturday, March 30 from 13:00-19:00 & Sunday, March 31 from 10:00-17:00
Venue Ryogoku, Tokyo
Facilitator Yukari Horiguchi, Akane Horiguchi Shoun, and Christine Brown
Course fees Money Clinic Fee: 77,000 yen
Payment You may pay by credit card or bank transfer when registering.
Contact cpi@cpi-x.com